You may have heard this expression and it’s a saying for a good reason!

Because the truth of the matter is that although the weather is cooling down and you find yourself reaching for those all too comfortable winter layers of comfort clothes and hearty warm meals for your winter hibernation, Winter is only 12 weeks long and then you are right back into Spring, warm weather and sunshine!
So this Winter, instead of committing to Netflix and chill with your slow cooker, try incorporating these healthy tips in to your diet and exercise regimen to keep you leaner in the cooler months!
Trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself come Summer when you kept in shape these colder months and can walk on the beach with confidence!

Tip 1 to keep Lean this Winter:
We all love our hearty meals in the colder months, with slow cooked casseroles and baked dinners galore! Unfortunately these can be laden with calories from sauces, oils and fattier cuts of meat used. So to keep enjoying your Winter Warmers guilt free, try substituting fattier cuts of meat like Osso Bucco, Ribs, Shanks and Brisket with Rump steak, lean diced beef and chicken breast instead of thigh or wings.
Also try making more soups and broths which are still hearty warm meals to enjoy but almost always with very few calories per serving making it that much easier to keep away the Winter spare tyre!

Tip 2 Move your Exercise timing to keep active with less daylight hours:
The most common excuse you are likely to find in Winter for spending less time pounding the pavement and more time on the couch under a blanket is the shorter daylight hours and cooler morning and evening temperatures.
So to avoid having to drag yourself out of bed during these testing times to hit the track, try moving your morning walk to your lunch break at work, or park a few blocks away from the office to add in some extra movement throughout the day. This will help keep you active in a way that isn’t going to test your will power or get you walking in the dark in the early hours of the morning!

Tip 3-Take up a Sport to Keep in Shape!
Winter is a great time to take up a new hobby or sport that will have a host of benefits apart from just making your cardio less of a chore! There are social benefits including team building, bonding as well as burning hundreds of calories a game while making new friends!
Just a few popular Winter sports include:

  • Football,
  • AFL,
  • Tennis,
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

So between keeping a closer eye on your Winter Warmers, getting stuck into a new sport or something as simple as taking walks on our lunch breaks to avoid the shorter daylight hours being a hindrance, these 3 Tips will help keep the spare tyre away this Winter and have you well on your way to building your Summer Body this Winter!

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