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Tell your story

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Tell your story

East Coast Supplements is partnering with Pinpoint Athlete. The gym will offer exclusive perks to our existing customers upon signing up, and conversely, ECS will provide exclusive deals on bundles curated by PinPoint Athletes' elite trainers.

Empowering Your Fitness Journey: The ECS & Pinpoint Athlete Partnership Story

Exclusive Discounts for Gym Members

Unlock special discounts on our premium products, exclusively for gym members.

Extended Free Trial at Pinpoint for ECS Customers

ECS customers enjoy the privilege of an extended free trial at Pinpoint, designed to enhance your fitness journey.


Cassie Paap: Building Confidence Through Strength and Mindfulness

Empowering women to find strength within and embrace their journey

Train with Cassie


Nick Poole: Transforming Lives with Positivity and Commitment

Changing lives by fostering self-belief and lasting relationships.

Train with Nick


Billy Coffey: Unleashing Potential Through Purposeful Dialogue

Guiding athletes to see and achieve their untapped potential.

Train with Billy.

Kynan Basczak: Cultivating Excellence in the Face of Adversity

Pushing boundaries to unveil the best in athletes and himself.

Train with Kynan